Student Counselling

Bristol Counselling and Psychotherapy offers counselling and psychotherapy to students both online and in person to accommodate their schedule. This is often a combination of in person when they are back home in the holidays and then online when they are away at university and vice versa.

In the transition between school and university, students can benefit from therapy for the following reasons: manage anxiety, depression, self harm, strengthen relationships, adjusting and coping with student life, healing from loss, crisis and trauma support, eating disorders.

University students often face a range of stressors including academic pressures, financial challenges, social adjustments, and personal issues which can impact their mental well-being. This has increased significantly since the pandemic. We offer student counselling in Bristol and throughout the UK so get in touch if you are struggling.

Here are some key points regarding mental health in England’s universities:

Awareness and Recognition:

Growing acknowledgment of mental health issues, leading to increased support for students.

Support Services:

Universities offer counseling, workshops, and resources to cope with stress and mental health challenges.

Student Challenges:

Common issues include anxiety, depression, stress, and eating disorders, often amplified by academic pressures and financial concerns.

Service Accessibility:

Availability and quality of mental health services vary among institutions and there may be long waiting lists so get in touch if you are struggling at the moment.

Stigma Reduction:

Campaigns and events aim to destigmatise mental health problems.

Peer Support:

Student networks and organizations provide platforms for sharing experiences and seeking help.

Staff Training:

Some universities train faculty to identify and support struggling students.

Crisis Response:

Protocols in place for handling mental health emergencies.

Preventative Measures:

Programs promote well-being and resilience, including stress reduction and healthy lifestyle initiatives. Therapy serves as a preventative measure too. We offer student counselling in Bristol and throughout the UK so get in touch if you are struggling.

Collaboration with Agencies:

Partnerships with external organizations ensure a wide range of mental health resources.

Online Support:

Digital technology expands mental health services, including virtual counselling and support apps. We offer online student counselling in Bristol and throughout the UK so get in touch if you are struggling.

Moving from school to university in England can have various effects on a person’s mental health. It’s important to note that everyone’s experience is unique, and individuals may react differently to this transition. Here are some potential mental health impacts:

Academic Stress:

New university demands, social changes, and increased independence can heighten stress and anxiety. Concerns may revolve around performance, social connections, and adapting to a new lifestyle.


Many students feel homesick when away from home for the first time. This can lead to feelings of sadness, loneliness, and a longing for familiar surroundings.

Adjustment Challenges:

Navigating a new environment, making friends, and finding one’s place in the university community can be emotionally challenging.

Academic Pressure:

University-level studies in England can be intense, with exams and assignments adding to stress and anxiety.

Financial Stress:

Managing finances, especially independently for the first time, can be a significant stressor.

Social Isolation:

Feeling disconnected or struggling to find a social circle can lead to isolation.

Mental Health Stigma:

Societal or personal stigma may deter individuals from seeking mental health support.

Pre-existing Conditions:

Those with prior mental health conditions may face unique challenges and need access to support services.

Time Management:

Balancing academics, socializing, and personal time can be overwhelming without proper organization.

Identity and Self-Esteem:

University is a period of self-discovery, but it can also lead to questioning of identity and self-worth, impacting mental health.

Bristol Counselling and Psychotherapy offers student counselling in Bristol and throughout the UK. We’re here to help. You can get in touch with us to discuss your needs, be it online, in person or a variety of both to suit your schedule. 

UK Students’ Mental Health is Still Affected by Ongoing Pandemic.

UK students’ mental health still impacted by ongoing pandemic. Experts warn of rising reliance on peer-operated helplines for anxiety, depression, and self-harm concerns. Nightline, staffed by anonymous student volunteers, saw a 51.4% call increase in 2020-21, with a 30% rise in 2021-22 and an additional 23% this term. Stress and anxiety calls up 17%. Financial worries also rising. While suicide-related calls slightly down, self-harm thoughts at 7.4% this year.

Policy manager Jennifer Smith of Student Minds notes students’ major life disruptions, missing milestones, leading to grief, uncertainty, and lower confidence. Transition into higher education vastly different. Pandemic remains a significant challenge for vulnerable students and healthcare courses. PhD student Matt Jones, dealing with mental health issues, turned to Nightline due to pandemic-induced stressors and amplified social media impact. Calls for respite from constant historic events. Positive note: more students seeking help, indicating better recognition of their needs.

NHS doctor Dominique Thompson sees post-pandemic studies consistently showing heightened anxiety and isolation. Attributes to general powerlessness and future uncertainty, compounded by economic challenges. Rachel Sandby-Thomas from AHUA acknowledges universities’ awareness of pandemic’s student impact. Actively improving mental health support, including staff training and NHS collaboration for professional treatment.

We understand the effects of the pandemic are still around. We’re here to help. Get in touch if you are looking for student counselling in Bristol. We offer both online and in person sessions to suit your schedule.