We offer couples counselling online, over the phone or face to face. Our online sessions can be suited to fit your schedule.

We offer both online and face-to-face sessions to suit your schedule.

Relationships are the most important thing in our lives and at times the most challenging. Relationship counselling can offer a couple time and space to reflect on their patterns of behaviour. Our Sessions offer a safe, non-judgmental environment within which couples are able to explore their connection away from the influences of personal and professional settings. This allows partners to communicate and understand both their own thoughts and feelings, and those of their significant other. The process is remarkably valuable, benefiting those looking to improve or bring to a close a troubled relationship. Couples might occasionally even seek such services to improve an already strong bond.

Due to the intimate nature of the relationship counselling, we advise sessions on the grounds that both partners recognise and are willing to discuss and process the same topics, and that each person is open to discussing issues and expressing themselves in each other’s company and that of a certified therapist.

Relationship counselling improves the functioning of a partnership, allowing individuals to understand, accept, and value their differences, nurturing their own health and clarifying concerns or fears that might be associated with the relationship. As this process is undertaken, a relationship may become stronger, fortified in a deeper bond, or, it might allow for an appropriate and healthy form of closure.

Undertaking relationship counselling can enable the following:

  • A greater understanding of how values, be them personal, religious, cultural, social, or professional, can deeply affect a relationship
  • Partners to reflect on how their pasts influence their present
  • A realisation, even revelation, in deconstructing recurring arguments and conflicts

Counselling can also help couples to navigate their differences, such as those relating to physical intimacy, modes of communication, finances, identity, intimacy, infidelity, goals, and personal developments.
Typically, relationship counselling would require both partners to attend sessions. However, occasionally, a counsellor might feel it necessary to work with a partner individually, and, at other times, an individual may request to work with the counsellor alone. Such sessions can be arranged as part of an ongoing counselling schedule.
Our services are available as short-term therapies or long-term counselling sessions, both online and face-to-face, and arranged to suit your schedule.

We do have a few concessionary slots for those on a lower income.


The initial consultation £90

Sessions £90